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Dear customer,

I come from Bombay. I open my first Handicraft shop in Neustadt in 2009, every day for lunch I use to think which restaurant I can go to get some nice really Indian food, but I was always disappointed, when in 2013 after heavy loss in my handicraft business I wanted to close my shop, but my owner ask me what I would like to do, I ask them to open a restaurant, they said OK, but on the condition that I would do all the investment to make a restaurant.

I spook to my wife she supported me on this all the way, she did all the paper work which was a big deal & we had two small children’s, without her it would have been impossible for me to archived, but together we did it, I got my team together & told my cook that no matter what, we will make only authentic Indian food, when people come here to eat Indian food they will get an Indian food, no compromise in recipe, quality & quantity, in lunch

I wanted to start a thali system, coz in Bombay that’s very common to eat thali in lunch, my cook opposed it, but I took the decision to stand by it, today most off the restaurant in Dresden sever thali, and I’m happy that people come to our restaurant and enjoy that taste of as near as possible of authentic Indian food.

With kind Regards
M. Aslam Shaikh & Christine Kulka


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    Mohammed Aslam Mohammed Nazir

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